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  • When will my O Mini Server ship?
    The inaugural edition of the O Mini Server will ship in Q3 2023.
  • What is offer for this Pre-Launch?
    With a starting price of $900, early adopters of the limited-edition O Mini Server get two bands, charger, travel bag, and limited-edition laser engraving.
  • How is O Mini Server different from my USB “thumb” drive?
    The USB drive was innovative in 2000, when it was introduced. Portable, personal, and cost effective, users could store their files and untether themselves from a fixed hard drive. That was 23 years ago, and there’s a better way. O Mini Server doesn’t have to be plugged into your computer, formatted for a particular OS, and isn’t susceptible to water or weather. Also, O Mini Server offers memory and much more: it is a powerful minicomputer complete with processor, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and media player.
  • Do I have to wear the O Mini Server?
    While O Mini Server features a sleek design and your choice of six stylish colors, it does not have to be worn to function.
  • If the device connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, how can you claim that it has no open connections?
    You choose when to open and—more importantly—CLOSE your O Mini Server to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or RF connections. When the O Mini Server is not connected, and very much unlike your smartphone or laptop, there is ZERO signal emission.
  • If the device connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, how can you claim that it has no open connections?
    You choose when to open and—more importantly—CLOSE your O Mini Server to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or RF connections. When the O Mini Server is not connected, and very much unlike your smartphone or laptop, there is ZERO signal emission.
  • How is this more secure than my encrypted cloud storage solution?
    Even the most popular encrypted cloud storage solutions have data breaches. There are documented instances of users registering their accounts with a unique email, only to receive phishing, spam, and other dubious communications via email. When that email address hasn’t been registered with any other party, the inference is that, at a minimum, users’ data is being sold, shared, or stolen from these “secure” solutions. With O Mini Server, you are the ONLY one with access.
  • Is there a recurring storage or maintenance charge with O Mini Server?
    No. Once you purchase your device, the full functionality is available, and there are no additional charges.
  • What happens if I lose my O Mini Server, or if it’s stolen?
    If you lose your O Mini Server or it’s stolen, you lose your data, but your information is never compromised. O Mini Server was designed with a unique security feature that automatically erases the memory if the system is compromised. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to access your data.
  • I use a portable hard drive. It’s secure, and it’s always with me. How is O Mini Server better?
    Portable hard drives, while seemingly secure, are not completely infallible. First, hard drives are only functional on one operating system. So, if you have both a PC and a Mac, you cannot use your hard drive for both OS types. Next, hard drives are susceptible to water. They can overheat and malfunction, and sometimes, with no explanation, they become corrupt, causing users to lose their data. Lastly, portable hard drives only work if they are connected to a device. O Mini Server has no wired connections, and you choose when you want to connect, maintaining maximum data privacy.
  • My preferred operating system is Mac. Is O Mini Server compatible?
    One of the many advantages of O Mini Server is that it is operating system-agnostic.
  • Can I share my documents, music, and videos with family and friends?
    Yes! Simply choose the device from your O Mini Server connections menu, establish a connection, either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, then choose the files, and transmit. Once complete, you can disconnect, and keep your data secure. Most smart watch storage limits are less than 32 GB. O Mini Server has between 8x (256 GB model) and 31x (1 TB model) that amount!
  • Is it possible to listen to music without having Wi-Fi? Does the device connect to my ear buds?
    Yes! One of the best things about O Mini Server is that your data is right there, on your wrist. Because of that, you don’t have to 1) pay a subscription fee, just for the pleasure of listening to your own music library, or 2) worry that your smart watch has enough storage capacity to hold all of your playlists.
  • If I am in a meeting with 20 people, can I share a document with each of them, easily?
    Sure, simply select the documents you wish to share and select the function to share with a group.
  • Where is the battery located, and how do I charge it?
    The battery is integrated within the wristband. Every pre-ordered O Mini Server comes with a charger for your band along with an extra wristband for a total of two wristbands.
  • Can I stream music with the Music player?
    Yes, you can stream your music from your O Mini Server to headphones, portable speakers, in your car, or to any other audio device through Bluetooth.
  • How can I add music into my O Mini Server?
    You can add your music library from your phone or computer to the O Mini Server.
  • Who is O Company?
    At O Company, we’re a small but fast-growing team of security specialists, hardware and software experts, and IT industry critics. We value human integrity over history’s largest corporations, and we prioritize people’s privacy over blind profit. Our values inform everything we do, from who we hire to how we’re reimagining the technology landscape. Based in Washington D.C., everything we build is exclusively designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S., starting with O Mini Server. O Company is a new company for a better era.
  • Who is the Founder & CEO?
    Our Founder & CEO is Guillaume Jaulerry, IT expert, inventor, and French national with a diverse background that spans security systems and haute couture. Passionate about independence and data security, he began the journey six years ago to create a new paradigm in privacy that would give people the power to escape the cloud, regain control, and stop the sales of personal data worldwide
  • What O Company is working on?
    The promise of the ‘cloud’ is not truly private or secure. The only truly secure storage is a device that is not connected over the open internet or cellular network. Our wearable device, called "O Mini Server", solves security, privacy, and portability of all data for both consumer and enterprise markets.
  • Do you offer support?
    Yes. We stand behind every O Mini Server we build—and you, our valued customer. If there’s a broken screen, triggered security system, or any other imperfection, we’ll repair your O Mini Server and bring it back to perfect condition. We ensure the quality of every product we ship with meticulous testing and processes at every phase, from conception and fabrication to certification and delivery.
  • Why do you offer such a customer service?
    First and foremost, O Mini Server is a security product. Everything about it is designed to make you feel safer, including our approach to customer service. We guarantee that your data will be completely secure—and we take this promise very seriously. Every O Mini Server comes with our expertise. We put you and your data privacy first—we are here for you.

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