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We see a better world beyond the cloud.

People are no longer productized. Personal data is not available to the highest bidder. And independence means liberation from a transactional existence where human dignity is monetized through invasive advertising. When we venture beyond the cloud, technology starts preserving who we are rather than exploiting it.

This is the future we see, and it revolves around you and your freedom. 

Today, your data is held on far away servers by an unaccountable provider. The freedom to own your data, the freedom to keep your privacy, and the freedom to feel secure and protected simply does not exist. In a world where you have very little control over your personal data, your freedom is eroded. 

At O Company, we’re a small but mighty team devoted to you and your interests—not those of history’s largest corporations. Our values give us the strength and courage to stand up to an industry that’s gone off the rails. For us, a future where data privacy is protected isn’t just a pipe dream, because our team is hard at work building it.

"We’re here to fight for you and your freedom with technology that defends our precious humanity. "

Guillaume Jaulerry, Founder & CEO

Our promise

People and
data privacy first

At O Company, we believe it’s vital to operate independently.
That means no outside investors, and no monied interests. Our customers are the only supporters we need. We are fiercely independent, stubborn in our views, and determined to build from the ground up. But we can’t do it without you.

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