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We see a better world beyond the cloud.

People are no longer productized. Personal data is not available to the highest bidder. Humanity says no to invasive advertising. To us, independence means liberation from a transactional existence. And when we venture beyond the cloud, technology starts preserving who we are rather than exploiting us.

This is the future we see, and it revolves around you and your freedom. 

Today, your data is held on far away servers by an unaccountable provider. The freedom to own your data, the freedom to keep your privacy, and the freedom to feel secure and protected simply does not exist. In a world where you have very little control over your personal data, your freedom is eroded. 

At O Company, we’re a small but mighty team devoted to you and your interests—not those of history’s largest corporations. Our values give us the strength and courage to stand up to an industry that’s gone off the rails. For us, a future where data privacy is protected isn’t just a pipe dream, because our team is building it.

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It's your data.

Take it back.

"We’re here to fight for you and your freedom with technology that defends your dignity. "

Guillaume Jaulerry, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We're a friendly team of warriors, fighting back against the cloud.

A bold vision demands an exceptional team. We are regular people with rare skills—each of us with unique expertise, yet committed to the same ideals, and determined to defend human dignity. Our team goes by many names: The 300, The Horse Riders of the Cloudpocalypse, The Inglorious Bastards of IT, The Praetorian Guard, The 11 Mousqueteers, or just O Company. Whatever the world chooses to call us, we’re all gathered around the same goal: to build great products that unleash freedom in security.

At O Company, we take privacy seriously. We respect the integrity of the people on our team, including those of us who prefer to remain anonymous. Our core team is responsible for building our products, technology, and security system. As the tip of the spear, they will lead, scale, and defend our company—and consumers everywhere.  We are changing the course of technology, and we're here to make history.

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Our goal

Usher in a new era of technology that puts data & privacy in the hands of the people, not history's largest corporations.

"O Mini Server will eat the cloud"

Our partners are with us.

We have teamed up with a set of world class partners to create an incredibly powerful and secure computer that meets our exacting standards—and fits on a wristband.

Thanks to our partners, we're bringing O Mini Server to life and building it right here in the US.

Made in the USA

O Company is technology reimagined. From the shared value we create for our people, partners, and customers to our localized approach to production, we’re bringing innovation to security. Central to our commitment to building the world’s most secure wearable is doing it right here in the United States. 

With better components, greater controls, and a dedication to craftsmanship, we’re producing safer technologies for a more secure future.


Everything we build is designed and developed in Washington DC. All of our products are manufactured and assembled in the US.


We're on a mission


Q1 & Q2



Close sales on 40,000
O Mini Servers

Expand operations & scale manufacturing

Deliver O Mini Servers to early adopters

Launch O Mini Server Globally

Want real data privacy?
O Mini Server is your last line of defense.

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