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Wear the next
era in computing.

O Mini Server is the most secure system in the world, keeping all of your data safe on your wrist.

O Mini Server with battery.71.png

Storage without the subscription.

Use O Mini Server to back up your data and pull everything off the cloud for total privacy and control.

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From here, you can manage all your devices, one at a time or all at once.

Your data is out
of the cloud and on your wrist.

When you start managing everything from your wrist,
it's all more secure.

O Mini Server with battery.1071.png
O Mini Server with battery.1072.png

An extremely 
powerful server,
on a wristband.

We shrank the technology, retained it's computing power, and created a brand new category of server that keeps the fate of your data entirely in your hands.

O Mini Server with battery.1062 V1.png

All your files,
with you at all times.

Any file you store in your O Mini Server is available on any of your connected devices, instantly.

O Mini Server with battery.1063.png

O Mini Server keeps all of your files off the cloud and away from networks, but always within reach. Access your emails, contacts, texts, calendars, images, videos, cryptocurrencies, MP3 files, and more from a private server you can wear. 

O Mini Server with battery.1059 V1.png

How O Mini Server works:

  • Transfer, store, and encrypt data from your devices

  • Access all of your files without cloud or passwords

  • Carry your digital life with you wherever you go

A new kind of wearable enabled by
WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

O Mini Server connects you to your world without sacrificing privacy. No GPS.
No sensors. No LTE. It keeps malicious people and 
companies out of your business. 







*Near Field Comunication

O Mini Server with battery.1118V2.png

Change wristbands 
to power up.

Switching bands does more than change your style. If your battery is running low, a backup wristband provides an immediate recharge. Simply unlock, swap out, and lock the new one in place to keep your O Mini Server up and running.

O Mini Server with battery.979.png
O Mini Server with battery.978.png

Go for days 
without an extra charge.

O Mini Server with battery.951.png

Style on the outside. Battery on the inside.

O Mini Server with battery.152.png
O Mini Server with battery.149.png

The perfect balance
of form and performance.

A server

always on the go.

Designed for self-sufficiency, O Mini Server's swappable battery system means you don't have to be tethered to a plug, waiting for a charge. Simply swap bands and continue accessing your data anywhere in the world, in any situation, independent from networks and electrical outlets.

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Experience a
total black out.

Many Fortune 500 businesses depend on the data in your phone, laptop, computer, and cloud—and they're incessantly scanning and indexing everything. Even in airplane mode or when WiFi-Bluetooth-NFC are turned off, you are discoverable. Some companies use this to their advantage, selling your privacy to others. True privacy means your data is out of reach and your devices are undetectable.

O Mini Server is built to take you off the grid. With our system, you can manually cut communication bridges at any time, all without touching the screen.

Stealth mode. 

O Mini Server is the world's first device that does not emit radio frequencies.
When you disconnect WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC, you are 100% inaccessible.

Stealth Mode lets you carry your data in complete security anywhere on—or off—the planet. 

untitled.20 MODIF.png

Night Vision mode.

Trust O Mini Server when it's time to get tactical—and when vital information is for your eyes only. Special Ops-ready, Night Vision means your display is only visible with night vision technology.

untitled.21 MODIF.png

Go completely dark.

Whether you're in Stealth mode or Night Vision mode, O Mini Server will keep your information disconnected from the world, keeping you safe and secure from external threats.

O Mini Server with battery.40 MODIF.png

with a simple touch.

Get out of sight with the power to cut chipset communications. With mechanical bridge control, you can go dark and emit no radio frequencies.  A tap of the finger makes your data unreachable and undetectable, anywhere in the world. You and your data are as good as gone.


At the same time, your files are fully secure on your wrist  and accessible to you at any time.
We give you the power to cut the lines—or not.

A vault on your wrist, designed for any condition.

O Mini Server with battery.83.png

O Mini Server was created with the strongest and most resilient materials on Earth. Built tough to withstand a life well-lived, it keeps your data safe and accessible to you, even in the most extreme environments.

Waterproof up to 100m / 328ft

Pressure resistant

IP6X dust resistance

Military-grade crack resistant

Low and high temperature resistance

O Mini Server with battery.353.png

Titanium case

Titanium buttons

As the lightest and most durable metal on the planet, we use titanium to protect what's yours—securing bridges and bringing refined detail to your buttons.

Why we prefer titanium:

  • Biocompatible, non-toxic, a corrosion resistant

  • Possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio

  • Non-magnetic and high oxide resistance

  • 100% recyclable, which makes it an environment-friendly material

O Mini Server with battery.343.png

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is strong enough to cover your most precious belongings. The contours of the screen provide a clear vision of your information, stretching from corner to corner, amplifying visual space, easing interactions, and bringing beauty to functionality.

Why we prefer sapphire glass:​

  • Nearly 2x as hard as standard glass and almost as hard as a diamond

  • Virtually resistant to scratches

  • 10x stronger than stainless steel

  • Resistant to thermal shock

Charge ahead with possibilities.

O Mini Server charger is unlike any other. Its modular system lets you swap the USB cable if it gets damaged—or when you want a different color. No need to buy a whole new charger—just keep the main connector and change out the cable.

Add a touch of color and distinction
with six thoughtfully designed options.


Elevate your digital life with style and security.