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Hear all about O Mini Server

Podcast Episode

Episode 1

A server you can wear on your
wrist so your data stays yours.

Our first podcast clarifies what we mean when we say "server", exploring O Mini Server's unique functionality and groundbreaking capabilities...

Episode 2

Our sleek, fashionable, and sophisticated product design.

We do a deep dive into the product design of O Mini Server, touching on the evolution of our design, details that makes our breakthrought wearable so unique...

Episode 3

Get control over your privacy and your technology. 

An Entire discussion devoted to the topic of data privacy: why people gave it away, who has access to our data when it's in the cloud, why does it matter that we're not in control...

Episode 4

A new kind of company that puts people's needs first.

We give you an insider tour of the philosophy behind O Company, how we are different from others in the technology space, why we 're independent... 

Episode 5

A better vision for technology.

Big tech as gone off the rails. We have a different vision. Hear all about our plans, and the role we see technology playing in people's lives...

Episode 6**

Meet the people behind the privacy.

We are normal people with a zest of craziness. This is what we look like...

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