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Early access

Pre-launch offer

Be a part of the data revolution. Once we hit 40,000 units sold, we will finish manufacturing O Mini Server and begin fulfilling pre-orders. We have created a special offer to thank you for your early support: a limited edition O Mini Server package. Our pre-launch pricing is not guaranteed once we launch globally. Order now.

Every pre-order includes


O Mini Server

O Mini Server with battery.812.png
O Mini Server with battery.813.png
O Mini Server with battery.814 V33.png
O Mini Server with battery.824.png

Added only for pre-launch offer 


Laser-engraved limited edition number on your O Mini Server


Laser-engraved limited edition early adopters on your O Mini Server 


Extra wristband in your choice of color

O Mini Server with battery.234 MODIF.png
O Mini Server with battery.232 MODIF.png
O Mini Server with battery.236 MODIF.png
O Mini Server with battery.235 MODIF.png
O Mini Server with battery.231 MODIF.png
O Mini Server with battery.233 MODIF.png


Automatic entry into our lottery to attend CES Las Vegas, where you’ll preview our future concepts .

resort White.png



direct-flight White.png






group white.png




Be one of the first to take real ownership over your data. Order now and get special access to a limited edition O Mini Server, and more.

What storage capacity do you need?

O Mini Server with battery.186 MODIF.png

O Mini Server

Storage capacity


Wristband color



O Mini Server with battery.188 MODIF.png

O Mini Server



O Mini Server with battery.187 MODIF.png

O Mini Server Pro



Pre-launch order

Come with us for a data revolution.

We need exactly 40,000 O Mini Servers sold during our pre-launch.

 00 010 / 40 000 

O Mini Server with battery.848.png
O Mini Server with battery.229.png

Most of today's new businesses are built on shaky foundations.

Their leaders are slaves to the whims of larger corporations, the moods of their investors, and the pressures to scale fast rather than focus on exquisitely-crafted products. They quickly forget that the true value of a business is in its vision, team, and technology. External influences destroy the soul of a company.
O Company will always stay true to our promise.


As our name says, we're building a company—not a traditional startup. It is privately owned—not sold to the highest bidder. We  believe a better future in technology will be built by independent companies like ours—not mega-corporations.

Our vision is bold, our team is talented, and our technology will correct the course of IT with innovations that put people and data privacy ahead of everything.

Different by design

We guarantee that Fortune 500 companies, governments worldwide, individuals, hackers, and AI will never be able to access your data. No more monetizing, brokering, or treating people like sheep. We are cutting the wire and telling them that the people have had enough. We are done with the corporate peddlers, media manipulators, and AI influence. 

Our passion for O Company's future is strong. In fact, our innovation pipeline extends more than 15 years out. Independence and data privacy is for you, your children, and future generations.

Our guarantee

O Mini Server with battery.228.png

Our promise

People and
data privacy first

At O Company, we believe it’s vital to operate independently.
That means no outside investors, and no monied interests. Our customers are the only supporters we need. We are fiercely independent, stubborn in our views, and determined to build from the ground up. But we can’t do it without you.

O Team, Founders of a new era in the world of IT

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