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O Mini Server

Pre-launch promo

Be one of the first to take real ownership over your data. Order now and get special access to a limited edition O Mini Server, and more.

What comes in the box

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O Mini Server





Every pre-order also includes


Laser-engraved edition limited number

on your O Mini Server


Limited edition travel baggie


Extra wristband in your choice of color


Automatic entry into our lottery to attend CES 2024, 
all expenses paid, where you’ll preview our future concepts

O Mini Server - 256

Storage with 256GB

$ 900.00

O Mini Server - 512

Storage with 512GB

$ 1,100.00

O Mini Server Pro

Storage with 1TB

$ 1,300.00

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Pre-launch order dates

Made in USA

O Company is technology reimagined. From the shared value we create for our people, partners, and customers to our localized approach to production, we’re bringing innovation to security. Central to our commitment to building the world’s most secure wearable is doing it right here in the United States. 

With better components, greater controls, and a dedication to craftsmanship, we’re producing safer technologies for a more secure future.

Everything we build is designed and developed in Washington DC. All of our products are manufactured and assembled in the US.

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