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O Mini Server
O Mini Server Pro

O Mini Server

The world's most secure wearable

O Mini Server model

O Mini Server model

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The first wearable device to securely manage all of your data. A mini private server that you wear on your wrist, to securely backup your data from any device for both business and personal use.

We expect to ship Q3 2024

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O Mini Server box

  • O Mini Server

  • Swappable battery incorporated in the wristband

  • Power adapter

  • Travel baggie

Wristband configuration information

  • Wristband configuration: In Q3, all early adopters will receive an email reconfirming wristband color

  • Extra Wristband: We will send you an email in Q3 to choose the wristband size & color

O Mini Server with battery.743.png

Choose your storage capacity

We offer three sizes. Decide how much storage you need to keep all of your data off the grid and out of reach. Take a stand against the cloud, gain control of your data, and say goodbye to the giant tech companies that rule your digital life.

256 GB

512 GB

1 TB

NOTE: Storage is not expandable. If you think you’ll need more storage capacity in the future, consider selecting a larger capacity now.

Select your style

From understated elegance to bold statement, your color choice is personal. Select between six color options, and pick the mood that's right for you. Every wristband has a battery inside.

Wear your data on your wrist

O Mini Server is a powerful computing device and the world's first wearable server. 

With its unique combination of technology and style, O Mini Server represents a new era in IT.

O Mini Server 

Lunar Eclipse wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server 

Orange Cream wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server with battery.794.png
O Mini Server with battery.796.png

O Mini Server 

Forest Grove wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server with battery.766.png
O Mini Server with battery.759.png

O Mini Server 

Oyster Blue wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server with battery.760.png
O Mini Server with battery.768.png

O Mini Server 

Ruby Red wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server with battery.769.png
O Mini Server with battery.761.png

O Mini Server 

Blue Ice wristband

From $900 to $1300

O Mini Server with battery.793.png
O Mini Server with battery.795.png

What to know about your order

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All orders for the Pre Launch will be shipped in the U.S. & Worldwide. For shipping outside of the U.S., please review Import Duty & Taxes for your country. 

We accept Credit/Debit cards and Apple Pay 

All payments are processed via our PCI compliant payment merchant.