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O Mini Server

The world's first
wearable server.

Keep all of your data on your wrist and out of the cloud. Secure it in style and access it anytime, anywhere, on any of your devices, all without a network, 5G connection, or public Wi-Fi .

What's a server?

The traditional definition is a computer program or device that serves information to another computer program and its user. When most people hear "server," they think data center. In simple terms, a server connects a user to information.

The server you know
just got a lot smaller.

Why put it in the cloud when you can wear it on your wrist?

We shrank the server, retained it's computing power, and created a
new category of server that keeps the 
fate of your data in your hands.

O Mini Server with battery.1152.png

Freedom & style in security

Liberate yourself from life in the cloud.

When you wear your data on your wrist and disconnect from insecure cloud networks, you gain complete control over your digital world.

Make your data
virtually unhackable.

It’s time to recognize the truth about cybersecurity. The only truly secure storage is a device that is not connected over the open internet or cellular networks. 

Bring impeccable taste to your technology.

Our technology is exceptional, beautiful, and unique. As the world’s smallest wearable server, O Mini Server is a fashion statement with awesome computing power.

Offline access, anytime, anywhere. 

O Mini Server with battery.1127.png
O Mini Server with battery.1161.png

Unlike cloud, O Mini Server gives you access to all your files—even the giant ones—whether you're on or offline. Whatever you store is always available.

O Mini Server with battery.1156.png

O Mini Server
is mighty.

O Mini Server is the ultimate tool for data privacy. We’ve miniaturized a powerful private server, and made it small enough to wear on your wrist.

  • World's smallest private server

  • First device with no radiofrequency emissions

  • Most secure and advanced encryption 

  • Absolute data privacy

  • Large storage capacity (256GB, 512GB, or 1TB) 

O Mini Server with battery.1158.png

O Mini Server decentralizes data from unaccountable servers.

Cloud providers systematically store, index, and monetize your information. Your phones—along with your other devices—are constantly connected to the cloud, which gives companies the power to track your every move. O Mini Server decentralizes your data from these cloud providers, creating a path to privacy in a society that's overly connected.

By removing your data from these systems, we're able to reduce the environmental impact of a data-intensive world. With O Mini Server, you can manage all of your data directly from your wristband, using a minimal amount of computing power, when and where you need it.

Keep your data
confidential at all times.

O Mini Server only connects to your other devices via Bluetooth or restricted Wi-Fi, and cannot be accessed or hacked remotely.

O Mini Server with battery.1148.png

Go off the grid without
missing a beat.

Listen to your favorite MP3 music on the go, anywhere on or off the map. 

You can listen to your music from O Mini Server with Bluetooth using a headset, computer, laptop, speakers, or HiFi sound system.

O Mini Server with battery.992.png
O Mini Server with battery.1098.png


Carry your most private information in style.

Advanced wearable,
fine piece of jewelry, or both?

Refined materials, inside and out.

O Mini Server with battery.1112V2.png
O Mini Server with battery.1107 V2.png

An obsessive attention to detail.

O Company is getting rid of planned obsolescence.

Our products are more sustainable because they're built to last. 

Our innovative designs make O Mini Server highly modular and incredibly customizable. Rather than forcing people to buy an entirely new system through planned obsolescence, we made planned permanence an overarching goal of our products. This makes O Mini Server an exceptionally sustainable system for you and the planet. From the quality of the materials to its portability and independence from the cloud, O Mini Server is easy on the power grid and made to last.  

with versatility.

O Mini Server turns data privacy into a sleek accessory for self-expression. 
Customize yours with interchangeable wristbands and USB cable in the color of your choice.

USB-C charger
unlike any other.

Recharge with style.

Other USB-C chargers lack personality and are poorly made. We've added an elevated level of taste and refinement to ours, turning a typically boring and low quality accessory into a stylish, well-crafted companion to O Mini Server. 
*Available to purchase separately when O Mini Server is launched into the market.

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