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Mini in size.
Mighty in functionality.

O Mini Server's innovative features keep all of your information classified at all times. 
Here's how it works...

Step 1  
Establish a connection with 
each of your devices.

Link your O Mini Server to your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other computing device where you store and access your data. Once a connection is established, information can flow back-and-forth between O Mini Server and your connected devices instantly, securely, and all without a network, 5G connection, or public wifi—even on an airplane. 

Connect with a purpose.


Send & Receive

with all your devices

Step 2
Choose your way to
manage your data.

Transfer data here and erase it everywhere else.

Total Control mode


With Total Control mode, you transfer all data from your devices and the cloud to your O Mini Server. That means your information is erased from your other devices and only available to you and the devices you choose to share it with. While your data is no longer stored on other devices, you can still access it instantly with any device, anywhere on the planet, all without an internet connection.

Make O Mini Server your ultimate back up.

Back Up mode

In Back Up mode you keep your data on your devices or in the cloud, and use O Mini Server to automatically back up all the information. You never have to worry about lost files if you lose your phone or if your cloud service gets disrupted. Your data is always safely stored away.

Black Background

One server to rule them all.

O Mini Server with battery.1101.png

Secure it in style

Your digital world is now out of the cloud, in your control, and strapped to your wrist wherever you go.

Carry your music with you,
and let it carry you away. 

Music inspires us at O Company. We're a team of audiophiles who don't just appreciate good sound, we demand it. We also believe in honoring musicians by owning our music. So while we made it possible to transfer downloaded music from streaming services (like Spotify® and Apple® Music) to O Mini Server,  our system is designed for your entire music library.

+20 dB

     0 dB

O Mini Server with battery.1049.png
O Mini Server with battery.1054.png
O Mini Server with battery.1051.png
O Mini Server with battery.1054.png
O Mini Server with battery.1053.png
O Mini Server with battery.1056.png
O Mini Server with battery.1053.png
O Mini Server with battery.1057.png
O Mini Server with battery.1053.png
O Mini Server with battery.1055.png
O Mini Server with battery.1058.png

-20 dB












Synchronize songs, albums, and playlists from any device, and store it all on your O Mini Server.  

O Mini Server with battery.1143 V2.png

Use Bluetooth to connect a pair of headphones or speakers and enjoy a High Def listening session anywhere in the universe.

The first hardware RAID
for your wrist.

O Mini Server incorporates two storage drives with the most advanced Universal Flash Storage (UFS) to enable ultra-fast speeds, data-intensive use, low latency, and high network capabilities.

Hardware RAID modes



Stripe mode

Both drives work together, acting like a single drive for maximum speed and capacity.


Mirror mode

Data is always the same in both drives, so if one fails, the other one take the lead.

Double your storage
or create an extra back up. 

RAID configurations

When you first configure your O Mini Server, you can choose the RAID  (redundant array of independent disks) mode that works best for you. O Mini Server gives you the power to decide whether to use all of your space for storage, or use part of it for storage and the other part to make a copy of your storage inside your server.



Control your O Mini Server on any operating system.

O App gives you total control of your O Mini Server, and it's compatible with all operating systems.

Mac OS



O app is coming soon, and not yet available for download.
The application will support phones, tablets, laptops,  and desktops, and will be available when O Mini Server ships.

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